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Your “go to girl” – The one who gives the best advice, has your back and lends more than just a hand to help out – She saves the day without breaking a sweat and does it all without drama. A Unicorn? Maybe. Your Wedding Planner…? In our case? Definitely.

Meet Jacquelyn Aleece, founder of The Wedding Plan & Company, former “go to girl” turned Planner Extraordinaire and female founder! Her life in the event world began at the ripe old age of 11 as the coat-check-girl at her grandfather’s wedding venue, giving her more than 25 years of experience….and her love for weddings has only continued to grow throughout the years. After years in the corporate event world, in 2012 she founded EVJ Wedding Co. (our former name) and decided to focus that expertise on her favorite type of event – WEDDINGS! Now with her company growing nationally and a team of Senior Wedding Planners she’s focused on making your special day something to be cherished for a lifetime.

At The Wedding Plan & Company every wedding is planned as though it were our own, but with the contacts and know how that only comes from successfully navigating hundreds of events. From the initial consultation call all the way through the planning process, Jacquelyn has created foolproof timelines and communication standards that allow couples to relax and do THEIR #1 job – make memories as bride & groom, bride & bride or groom & groom. Leave the dirty work to us! When it’s time for your “I do’s” we ensure that your vision is achieved. Gathering groups of any size in a venue that’s new to them can present challenges and hiccups, but working with us means they happen behind the scenes vs. affect you and your guests on one of the biggest days of your life.

What sounds like just a dream is truly possible when you have a Senior Planner from The Wedding Plan & Company on your side. Our mantra is “There is no such thing as a problem, only opportunities to create solutions” and our record breaking number of 5 star reviews proves that we mean it! Our next phase of growth ensures that couples at every budget level, in every city, with ANY vision has a solution from us. We’ve got the plan and we’ve got the team.

At The Wedding Plan & Company we love our couples and one we love the most is our original power couple, Jacquelyn & Robert. Shifting from a corporate world to entrepreneurship was an easy decision for Jacquelyn, that is, after Robert came along full of love, encouragement and support pushing her to follow any dream she’s ever dreamt of. From their first meeting at a bar (McSwiggin’s) in Hoboken, New Jersey to their current life splitting time between boating on the West Coast and coastal living on the East, this beach-loving power couple embodies all that we want for our couples. With a background on and off screen in television and film, Robert plays the leading role in Jacquelyn’s world but also wins best supporting role in the growth of The Wedding Plan & Company helping us storyboard and strategize how to better communicate with our couples. You know what they say, couples who plan together…..well, stay together!

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Wedding Planner

What I love the most is that I get to balance professionalism and friendship with my couples. Having fun is just as important as executing a perfect wedding day!


Wedding Planner

I love planning a wedding from start to finish. Seeing the looks on the couples’ faces on wedding day seeing how the planning journey finally comes to life!


Wedding Planner

My favorite thing about wedding day is the first look. The couple is so nervous and excited to see each other for the first time. I love watching their reactions and seeing them with each other for the first time on their wedding day!

kayla wedding planner


Wedding Planner

I love when we’re starting the ceremony and watching everyone walk down the aisle. Seeing the couple’s reactions and the pure joy on their faces makes me choke up every time!


Wedding Planner

I love having the opportunity to turn wedding dreams into reality for so many unique couples that all have different stories & visions to bring to life.


Wedding Planner

The sweetest moment on wedding day is watching the couple lock eyes during & whisper to each other during the ceremony.

dianna wedding planner


Wedding Planner

It is so wonderful transforming a client’s vision into reality. Most couples have pictured their wedding their entire life – and there is nothing more fulfilling than making their dreams come true.


Wedding Planner

I love the fact that for one day, in one place, family & friends gather with only one purpose…to celebrate love! It’s just so beautiful to watch.


Wedding Planner

The absolute greatest thing about wedding day is the electricity in the air, the buzz, the excitement & it culminates when the couple sees each other for the first time.

lexi wedding planner


Wedding Planner

Every couple’s wedding is so different and unique to them. I love seeing their personalities shine through in every detail.


Wedding Planner

My favorite thing about wedding day are the moments right before first look. The nerves/excitement in the couples eyes minutes before they see each other are truly magical.


Wedding Planner

What I love most about wedding planning is helping our couples execute their vision and seeing their perfect day come to life!

Kemma wedding planner


Wedding Planner

I love seeing the couple’s vision come to life on the big day. The sheer happiness they radiate makes every effort worthwhile!


Wedding Planner

The most rewarding part of wedding planning is being there on wedding day and seeing how happy the couple is on their special day! My favorite part of the day is always the first look!


Wedding Planner

We plan & plan but there is always one surprise moment that catches our emotions off guard, maybe a heartfelt note, a sentimental gift or last minute words of encouragement.


Wedding Planner

Best wedding day feeling is that it really feels like I’m watching a wedding for the first time, every time!