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The Wedding Plan & Company is a customer service company that specializes in planning personalized weddings for incredible couples. Our team of award-winning wedding planners have been creating breathtaking memories for over a decade. Founder, Jacquelyn Aleece created The Wedding Plan & Company in Hoboken, NJ which remains the flagship location while additionally serving engaged couples throughout New York City, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Palm Beach, Miami, Dallas and Atlanta. Now, with Power Couple, our monthly wedding planning subscription we can serve engaged couples throughout the globe. We love welcoming new couples to our wedding planning community. Let’s plan!

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Are you a Classic Couple and want us to do the planning — or —  a Power Couple looking for guidance as you plan your own wedding?

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Every  wedding is planned as though it were their own, but with the expertise that only comes from successfully navigating hundreds of events.

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From the initial consultation call all the way to the “I do’s”, Jacquelyn has created foolproof timelines and communication standards that allow couples to relax and do THEIR #1 job – making memories as bride & groom!

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Picture perfect! Pro tip: No wedding day is actually “perfect” but with The Wedding Plan & Company your memories can be. Working with a Senior Planner means any hiccups happen behind the scenes, and we deal with whatever comes up with no one the wiser! The result? You get to be a guest at your own wedding 🤍🤍🤍 ...

Meet our Planners ~ featuring Sam!

How did you find TWP&Co.?

“I found The Wedding Plan & Company because the owner (the gorgeous, fierce, brilliant, Jacquelyn) is actually my cousin!”

How did you become a wedding planner?

“I moved to NYC to pursue a career in Musical Theatre, and when I first moved to the city I needed to make some extra money. Jacquelyn and I were talking one day and she mentioned she needed an extra assistant for a wedding and asked if I would be interested in helping and learning the ins and outs of wedding planning. I immediately hopped on the opportunity, joined Jacquelyn’s wedding planning mentorship program, worked many weddings as an assistant, kept learning and growing and it was love at first sight with wedding planning!”

Your favorite thing about wedding day?

“My favorite thing about wedding day is seeing and feeling all the love that’s being shared. Not just between the couple, but the love that is exuding from all of their friends and family partaking in their special day. Everyone is just gathered in one place just to celebrate LOVE. It’s beautiful. I’m also a HUGE sucker for a father daughter dance.”

Biggest advice to couples during the planning process:

“Hire The Wedding Plan & Company! Duh! Just kidding! (Kind of 😝) Enjoy it. It’s so easy to get caught up in the finances and stresses of planning. But remember, it’s a day to celebrate your love! All that truly matters is that you have each other. The rest can be figured out with our help. Set your budget early, and remember, you don’t have to blow the bank to have a beautiful day. Do what’s right for you and don’t try to keep up with “Instagram” perfect weddings if that’s not truly who you are.”

What do you love about TWP&Co.?

“I love everything about The Wedding Plan & Company. Our clients are all amazing! All of the women that work for TWP&Co. are fabulous, fun, and fierce. Most importantly, I get to help make dreams come to life! What can be better than that?! I feel so blessed to be part of this wonderful company!”

The sequins, the tuxes, the couple, 🤍🤍🤍THE VIEW! ...

Engaged? 💍🥂 Step 1: Pop the champagne! Step 2: Check out our website for resources like our real weddings photo gallery, wedding planning package information and more! Step 3: Schedule your complimentary consultation with one of our Senior Wedding Planners. Step 4: Choose your perfect plan and ENJOY your engagement 🤍 ...

Getting ready! An important time for Brides and Grooms during wedding weekend AND an important time for your vendors and Wedding Planner. Today on stories ~ we’re giving you a sneak peek of what goes on behind the scenes while you get prepped for “I do!” ...